I Love Chasing Paris.

December 27, 2011 / 19 ♥

She may be the youngest girl crush I will have! Glad i was able to go through her blog!

ERIKA RABARA | 13 years old| Chasing Paris.

I admire her, really. At a young age, she already knows what she wants! She also does outfit posts and takes photographs. AT 13!! What was I doing when I was her age? Eeeer!

Some of her shots:

And lastly, she wrote an article : DATE A GIRL WHO READ BOOKS. At age 13. Yes, at age 13. She is just..amazing!!

Before you can take beautiful pictures, you must first learn to appreciate using the naked eye” That’s my favorite line from one of her blogposts. Ohh this girl has great potentials, I tell you!

Follow her NOW! Click here.

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