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November 02, 2013 / 15 ♥

I gave up trying to get back to fashion blogging. I think that’s just one of the things I outgrew together with updating my Twitter status and ranting just about anything. Hahaha.

I just turned 24 and as much as I love to blog about how that day went by, I still couldn’t because I have yet to develop the rolls of film I used that day. Plus I still don’t have the energy just yet. Man, I really feel sick of wanting to blog and yet feeling lazy about it. THIS HAS TO STOP!

So for now, I just want to share some of the ladies I regularly crush on…their blogs always keep me inspired not to give up my love for fashion.

Check their blogs too!
Mayo, Cheyser, Kim, Tricia, Anastasia, Aileen.


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August 20, 2013 / 13 ♥



I want to go back to fashion blogging and Mr. O promised to take my photos for it but due to heavy rain, we cannot shoot outdoors and I don’t feel like settling for indoor shoot because we have one messy room. Haha.

So for the meantime, I just thought of an ensemble that I want to wear once the rain stops. I think the top is perfect as an after rain statement. I am just not sure with the combination of the denim vest with the denim shorts but I’ll see when I wear them all. I hope the storm finally leaves us soon! There are a lot of people who are suffering from it already. Also. I hope everyone learns from this and that our leaders would take action for us, not taxes from us. Those bastards!


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Sudden Turn

July 12, 2013 / 23 ♥

Before I start, let me just warn you with the upcoming photos. They’re too beautifully taken by Aia Solis and deym I just can’t get enough of them, I am craving for another shoot with her hihi.

I am so hyped with my top that I cannot wait to create another ensemble with it! These photos were taken at some secret place Nikk and Aia showed me. I’m glad it didn’t rain!

Top — Forever21
Boots - thrifted Doc Martens
Everything else is thrifted :D

Hype this look on Lookbook. AND please do follow Aia. I want her to be famous in what she does because she deserves it! <3 

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Rock, baby, rock!

April 02, 2013 / 10 ♥






I am a fan of sparkling clothes and studded shoes. The top is just simply stylish, the gold details helped a lot. Partnered it with high-waisted shorts and studded boots to make it more edgy! I am totally loving this ensemble! I feel like a rockstar (though I don’t know how to rock hahaha). And the John Lennon glasses cost me 50 pesos only. Down side? Harry Potter print on one lens. LOL

I don’t want to sell the shoes, but to make my online shop going, I need to add more budget to it. Sooooo…yes, it’s up for grab! Check our online ukay shop on Facebook for details. =)

What I’m wearing:
Top — thrifted
Shorts — thrifted
Shoes — thrifted

The power of Ukay, beybeh!

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